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The Only Sure Thing
About IRS Problems Is
"They Don't Go Away By Themselves."

I can help you with:

Payroll taxes

Do not talk to the IRS about payroll tax problems.  IRS agents are trained to appear helpful and then use the information you provide against you.  Call me before you talk to the IRS or, better yet, let me represent you and I'll do your talking for you.

Un-filed tax returns

Failure to file a tax return is a criminal offense potentially punishable by one year in jail for each year a return is not filed. Let me file your return--no matter how late it is-and give you the peace of mind that comes from compliance with the law. I can also deal with the IRS if they have filed a return for you. (In most cases, a return filed for you by the IRS is not to your benefit.)

Seizure or wage garnishment

The IRS has broad powers to seize your assets to pay off outstanding tax debts. The IRS can seize your bank account, your salary or wages, and other personal and business assets. Many times I can make arrangements with the IRS to avoid seizures.

IRS liens, levies

Call me immediately if you receive a notice of a lien or levy.
Time is very important because if you delay you can lose very valuable

Unpaid taxes

There are options available when you owe the IRS more than you can pay.

Offer in Compromise--I can negotiate with the IRS to fully settle your tax debt for the lowest amount possible based on your current ability to pay.

Payment plan--I can negotiate with the IRS to allow you to settle your tax debt by making monthly payments. (Unlike the Offer in Compromise, your monthly payments will include a penalty and interest charges.)

Working together, we can solve your IRS problems in the way that is most beneficial to you.

IRS audit

IRS audits should always be taken very seriously because they often lead to additional audits. Let me represent you and keep the audit away from your home and office. You won't even need to be present. If the IRS asks to interview you, I will politely decline their request.

Innocent spouse claim

Both taxpayers signing a joint return become liable for the taxes. Many times innocent spouses find themselves liable for the misdeeds of their significant others. The Innocent Spouse Law is intended to provide relief when an innocent spouse has been the victim of fraud. I can determine if you qualify for relief as an innocent spouse.  If you are divorced it bad enough but to have to pay taxes for your ex-spouse is worse.  Call me and see if you qualify for innocent spouse relief. Don't be a victim for a second time. If you qualify you don't owe the tax.

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